About me

Hi, welcome to my website! My name is Marcin Bąkiewicz, let me show you my short resume.

My current professional position is acting Managing Director/Programme Director and Music Director of Antyradio – the biggest active rock radio in Poland. Antyradio has 16 broadcasting stations with approximately 850 000 listeners every day. The radio broadcasts online as well, click here to listen to Antyradio

I am working as a music journalist as well. I host my own show on Antyradio, dedicated to novelties, called Świeży Towar w Antyradiu (Fresh Stuff on Antyrado). The show starts every Saturday at 6 PM and takes two hours. It is podcasted then, the podcasts are available here (click: Programy and then Świeży Towar).

I am keen on writing about music, I have been doing that since the mid 90s. I started in local magazines when I was in high school, later wrote for the biggest Polish portals and music magazines, as well as for one of the streaming services, where I wrote music blurbs. It allowed me to get to know a lot of riveting artists from all over the world!

Today I work for Teraz Rock music magazine, the biggest and oldest monthly music magazine in Poland. I started to write for Teraz Rock in 2011 and since 2018 I have been a member of the editorial board. I specialize in vinyl reviews, but I also interview musicians, write music articles and concert/festivals reviews as well. I host an Antyradio column as well, where me and my radio colleagues write about our current events. I wrote about 30 opinion articles there.

I gained my professional experience in many medias. I started my career in the University Radio Afera in Poznan, then moved to Grupa Radiowa Agory, where I was an assistant to Programme Director of Radio Złote Przeboje in Poznań and a DJ of Rock Radio Wielkopolska. In 2006 I moved to Warsaw and became a music programmer of VH1 Polska Channel. I spent next 6 years working for MTV/Viacom, not only as the music programmer of a number of channels, but hosted my own show and worked as a voice over artist, too.

After MTV, I moved to the biggest Polish MTV competitor 4fun Media, where I worked as a music programmer and a VJ in Rebel/ I left RBL to change my professional environment to e-commerce business and worked as a music manager for two Polish online shops.

Music Photography has been another area of my expertise. I have worked as a music photographer for almost every important Polish music media and co-owned the biggest Polish photo agency dedicated to music called Music Foto Kolektiv.

Today I am fully dedicated to the radio and music journalism. My area of expertise goes far beyond rock music. I have been dealing with different music genres and I constantly follow the new trends in music industry. Moreover I fluently use analytical tools that help me performing my duties.

I am a member of Akademia Fonograficzna, the board that presents prestigious Fryderyk awards to the most successful music artists in Poland (called Polish Grammy Award). I love to travel to show case festivals and music conferences all over the world and take part in panels and discussions about music and music market. I am a judge at many music contests and a host at the concerts and festivals.

My newest activity is teaching. I was teaching the subject „Polish radio market and succesful promotion of music in Polish radio stations” for three years at the Academy of Music Managers in Warsaw. Today I work as a lecturer at Akademia Leona Koźmińskiego (Koźmiński University). In 2020 I set up the professional course for Music Managers, Musicians and everyone, interested in radio and music promotion. The first workshop took place in August 2020 in Warsaw, Stodola music club and met the applause of participants, and so the next ones (every 6 months). If you are interested in getting to know Polish music market with all its details and tips & tricks – contact me, please and I can prepare a lecture or workshop for you in English. Send me an email with your request at:

I majored in European Studies (Law, Economy and Culture of Europe) at the Law faculty of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. I speak fluent English and communicative German.

Don’t hesistate to see my full professional resume at LinkedIn